ART Resources

Art Daily is an internet-based media company built like an online newspaper.

ArtBabble is a cloud based video hosting service for art content and has been called the "Youtube of the Arts." 

Artcyclopedia   is an online database of museum-quality fine art which indexes 2,900 art sites, links to 160,000 works by 9,000 artists.

College & Career prep resources

HS ----> College Prep  helps setup steps to get from high school to college.

MCAP   helps students setup steps to get from high school to college. Search and compare/ college costs/ find counselors/ create profile

FAFSA   Federal student aid.

Fastweb   get matched with up to $3 billion in scholarships.

Spanish & FRENCH Resources

Spanish Blog   Free video spanish lessons.

Fixoodle   A social language learning site where you can make friends, get translations, fix your errors and more.

Pictolang   Image based flashcard games for language learners

Translator   Free online translator.

Health Resources

BMI   calculate your body mass index.

Web MD   get medical related questions answered. Symptoms/ Facts/ Statistics/ Talk to a doctor/ Diagnosis. 

My Fitness Pal   100% Free Membership! Start losing weight. Calorie counter/ Food Nutrition/ Fitness Apps to download on your computer or smart phone/ Blogs and More!

Music Resources

Tonic Tutor   Free online Music games.