Intervention & Coaching


Interventionist, Ron FlemingRonald Fleming, M.D.I.V., M.A., L.P.C., has been an adolescent therapist for 10 years. Ron has provided consistent, constructive insight and correction to allow students to self-correct and to achieve goals set by students, parents, and the State of Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, as well as Masters degrees in both Religion and Counseling. He is also a licensed therapist with the State of Michigan. Ron is committed to the service of our children.



Success Coaches

MySchool@Kent KCTC Campus

Elizabeth Schafer is a graduate of GVSU and worked in the banking industry and as a substitute teacher prior to joining our staff.

Theresa Truax has been working in education for the past 15 years. She has a BS from Western Michigan University, and has been working on her Masters at Grand Valley State University. Theresa has a history teaching middle school science and social studies. Most recently, she was at Zeeland Public Schools where she ran the Student Responsibility Center and worked with special education students.

SuccessLink Coach and locations

Rodney Riley

Gaines Township Library                                                                                                                         Monday and Wednesday from 11:00AM-3:15PM

David D. Hunting Downtown YMCA                                                                                                      Tuesday and Thursday 11:00AM-3:15PM


Network 180 - Programs and support services for mental illness, substance abuse & developmental disabilities for children and families.

Love & Logic -  Changing relationships with a "win win" approach.

Pine Rest -  Kent County mental health hospital.

Forest View Hospital - Mental health hospital.

Dispute Resolution Center -  Mediation support services.

ARC Anxiety Resource Center -  How to cope with anxiety, join groups, read blogs, ect.